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Other courses

Flight Safety Africa (Pty) Ltd offers a number of other courses relevant to both offshore and onshore operations:

Accident Incident Investigation Analysis (AIIA)

This highly acclaimed course highlights in the finest detail, the approach to follow when analysing any accident or incident in the aviation, or, any other industry.

Course Profile
This course provides an actual "hands-on" systems investigation methodology that includes Human Factors in keeping with the Overview description below.


  • Outline of Accident Investigation, reference ICAO ANNEX 13, ATSB and international accident investigation organisations as appropriate.
  • James Reason’s - TRIPOD Model
  • Background, Tripod Incident Causation Model
  • Incidents/Accidents includes ‘Unsafe Acts’, Trends in Safety, Controlling the Uncontrollable
  • General Failure Types, Fallible Decisions and Root Causes
  • Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS)
  • Human Factors Intervention Matrix (HFIX)
  • Interactive Team Exercises

This course includes multiple actual accident investigation case studies.

ALAR/CFIT – Approach & Landing Accident Reduction/Controlled Flight Into Terrain:

1 Day course (can be combined as a one day course with the Colour Weather Radar (CWR) & Traffic Avoidance Collision System (TCAS) courses)
The following graph highlights the need:


Colour Weather Radar + TCAS + EGPWS

1 Day course (can be combined as a one day course with the colour weather radar & TCAS courses).
Scope includes:

  • Learning Outcomes
  • References
  • Background
  • Components
  • System Operation
  • Cautions, Warnings & Limitations

All courses have relevant material provided, a post training quiz is undertaken with a Flight Safety Training Certificate of Awareness presented for successful candidates.